My day job, as a television news video editor, has influenced many of my quilts. I don’t want to offer “statements” but wish to raise questions such as; 
“Is it just all about the money?” The content of my quilts, is loosely based on subjects such as hypocrisy, corruption, self-righteousness, and contradiction; and how these themes often hide behind religion, authority and politics. I trust my intuition rather than any advanced plan and depend upon my talent of free association to be my eclectic guide. I start with an inspired element or subject.  This establishes my focus and direction which guides the process of fabricating images.  Sometimes the direction is clear, but new fabric can lead to unexpected turns.  Much of my new body of work has been inspired by the medium of photomontage which I convert into quilt form. 

 My family has a long tradition of craftspeople and artists. I’ve explored design, painting, and video art. In 1994, when I expressed an interest in quilts, a family member found an old Singer sewing machine for me which unexpectedly changed the trajectory of my life. Experimenting with this tool allowed me to incorporate my past artistic interests into a new future in the art quilt medium.